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old work

this space has been slow...sloooow, but not neglected. just been busy on projects. hopefully i can share them in a few years once the films start coming out. man...animation does take a long time does'nt it?

here's some work i can share. the image below is from some development work i did on Rio. i was helping out very very early in development when the project was still being pitched back in early 2007. i'll post some more under the work section later on in the week.

Also, some of my work from Rio is part of the current exhibit at the Norman Rockwell Museum ,' the animation art of bluesky'. I feel lucky some of my work was included, in company of some real stellar folk from bluesky. 

this one is from a wonka commercial spot i helped on for Laika House, early last year. I got to work with some of the nicest folks on this, including the talented dir Nicholas Weigel. there's some more laika stuff i'll post soon...as soon as i find them :)